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 Terms of Use :

By accessing and using this blog, you agree to have read and understood these terms and to comply with them.
This blog allows users to comment on its published content. You, like all users, have the right to participate in comments, provided that you do not post any content that may be harmful, unlawful, defamatory, in violation of rules, abusive, inciting, vulgar, harassing, or similar in nature. You are solely responsible for the comments you share.
Intellectual property rights for comments remain with you. However, the blog owner has the right to reuse comments in any blog-related activity without prior permission, as long as they mention the commenter's name and do not modify the comment in a way that distorts its meaning.
When commenting on the blog, it is preferable to use your real name. You can use a pseudonym, but impersonating anyone or any entity is strictly prohibited.
It is advisable to provide your genuine email address when commenting. The blog commits to using this email solely for personal correspondence and not sharing it with any third party without your prior consent.
You must not modify or misuse the blog in unlawful ways or in any manner that may harm or disrupt the blog.
The blog collects some of your personal data, such as browser type, operating system, IP address, etc. The purpose of collecting this data is to improve the quality of service. The blog has the right to share this data with a third party without linking it to your personal identity.
These terms of use may change from time to time as deemed appropriate for the blog's purpose, so please review and adhere to them.
Publishing advertisements for products, services, and promotional links does not imply endorsement or any quality guarantee on my part.
The blog contains reviews of website services and organizations. Some of these reviews may be paid, some may be free, and some may include affiliate links, allowing me to earn a commission if you subscribe or purchase through that link. I base these reviews on information obtained from the marketing managers of these websites and organizations, personal experience, or public information. I do not provide any specific guarantees regarding the quality of products or services.
The blog also features content with personal profiles of individuals, based on correspondence or interviews with them. While I may verify certifications and documents demonstrating their level of competence, I cannot guarantee their accuracy 100%. Any inaccuracies are the responsibility of the individuals themselves. We do not assume responsibility for damages that may result from the improper application of some of the instructions.
Your use and browsing of the blog signify your full agreement to all the terms on this page. If you do not agree with the terms presented on this page, you are not permitted to browse the site or view its content, and you must cease using it immediately.
At Medad Aljaleed, we disclaim any liability before God and the law for any misuse of the information on the blog, harm, or damage caused to anyone.
Note: The blog may display advertisements. If you notice any advertisement that is offensive to Islamic religion in any way or any other religion, please report it immediately by sending a message to the administration.

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